We understand that some people will think we are NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard). However, we think enough is enough - Southwick has done it's bit with new development and we want to protect the Beauty In My Back Yard. Some of the fields around Southwick where the proposed building sites are, are top grade arable land producing 2 - 3 good crops each year and have over 200 years of farming heritage. These fields are considered a village asset and are used by many people enjoying the countryside.

The village is actually unrecognisable to what it was just over 40 years ago. This is fine - most of us all live in these developments. There has been on-going development since the massive changes in the early 70's.

More recently, what was Ernest Ireland and the Scrap Yard, have now been re-developed into The Mowlems and Swan Court - and this we welcome. A good use of a brown field site which has brought new dwellings and people into the village.

There have been many developments along Frome Road, Fairfield Meadows, Winsome Street, Goose Street, and many pockets around the village.

The SHLAA sites are outside of the village settlement boundary.

Southwick around 1970

Use the buttons below to get an idea of how much the village has already changed, and how much it could change again.

Old Southwick
Old Southwick With Major Developments
Old Southwick With Major Developments and SHLAA sites
Old Southwick, late 1960s to early 70s

With a key!

Southwick with lines drawn
  • Orange : Frome Road
  • Yellow : Hoggington Lane.
  • Red : Wynsome Street from the church along to the Baptist church.
  • Green : Goose Street.
  • Purple : Bradley Road.
  • Blue : Blind Lane - it did not join up to Wesley Lane in those days

Some Houses built in the last few years

Swan Court
Court Street
Chapel Close
Wynsome Street
Fairfield Meadows